Trading Floor Rules

Welcome to TradeTrust, a marketplace for new, refurbished and used mobile phones and electronics. TradeTrust provides You through the Platform with the Service for trading, sale and purchase of mobile and electronic devices, related equipment and products (collectively the “Products”) that facilitates the meeting of Users who would like to purchase the Products (further, the “Buyers”) and who would like to sell the Products (further, the “Sellers”) on the TradeTrust by entering into Transaction (collectively the "Trading Floor").


Products. On the TradeTrust may be listed and offered only the Products, that corresponds to the following categories:
     - smartphones;
     - VoIP phone systems in full or by devices (VoIP (hard) phones, desktop IP phones, desktop phones with ATA VoIP Gateway, VoIP adapters, ATA phone adapters and gateways, VoIP routers, videophones, modems);
     - PBX phone systems in full or by devices (PBX, IP PBX);
     - video communication systems;
     - augmentative and alternative communication devices for adults;
     - other multiline phones and systems;
     - other computer modems, which converts a computer's digital information to an analog signal for transmission over a telephone line
     - other hardware devices capable of transmitting an analog or digital signal over the telephone, other communication wire, or wirelessly;
     - computers;
     - other devices such as network access point transceivers and wireless network interface cards;
     - tech accessories such as headphones, cables, microphones and similar items that may be used for communication.

We reserve the right to redetermine what Products are and aren’t allowed to be listed and offered on the TradeTrust. If we discover that certain newly listed products on the Platform Products violate our Terms or pose any risk to Users, we may remove those Products even if they’re not listed below.

Quality of Products. Products must be in working condition, must not contain viruses and/or other malicious or spyware programs, and must not be harmful to the computer system and/or any other system they use.

Products must be wholly in your possession. If you provide Products that are in your joint ownership with other persons, you must obtain the written consent of such persons to list and offer the Products and sell them through the Platform before the actual placement of the Products (means placing an Offer) on the Platform. Products may not be collateral for any loan or any other obligation.

Prohibited Products. The following products and categories of products may not be listed and in any way offered on the Platform: (the list is not exhaustive and is to be considered only as a guide):
     - any other devices and products that do not belong to the above stated categories;
     - inoperative devices for communication;
     - devices for which you do not have a document confirming your ownership;
     - malware and spyware;
     - counterfeit products.

All of the above-mentioned items, as well as similar ones which do not fall under our accepted categories, will be removed or hidden by our team. We reserve the right to inform responsible authorities about any User's suspicious activity and/or Products, as well as blocking certain actions on the Platform in connection with the demands of responsible authorities and/or due to our suspicion that such a transaction would be illegal and/or lead to violation of the law. You agree and confirm that regardless of any circumstances, the TradeTrust should not be liable and responsible for any failure of the transaction and/or any other consequences caused by blocking of certain actions of Users on the Platform.

Check of Products. TradeTrust has the right at any time to require the Seller to provide documents or other data confirming the Seller’s ownership of the Products, condition, technical and visual characteristics of the Products, compliance of the Product's with Trade Floor quality requirements indicated above. If the relevant information or the documents are not provided by the Seller within 3 business days from the date of the request, the TradeTrust reserves the right to delete the Offer and other Offers of the Seller and/or to notify the Buyer about such actions of the Seller and/or to delete the Seller’s account.


Offer. If You want to sell the Product through the TradeTrust, You must post a description of the Product, other needed information about it and upload its photo on the Platform (collectively "upload the Product/Products"). By uploading the Product You are placing an Offer. An Offer is a visible to all Users offer to buy Product/Products of the User (Seller) and its/their description, price, other terms and conditions under which the Seller agrees to sell its Products

Placing an Offer. You need to upload each of your Products separately, under their corresponding category and you can list them only once. You can arrange for the sale of a single Product or several Products in one Offer.

By placing the Offer You become the Seller of the Product and accept the obligation to sell this Product or Products to the Buyer according to these Rules and TradeTrust Terms.

By placing the Offer You accept the obligation not to alienate, sell or transfer in any other way the Products specified in the Offer, except through the Platform.

Obligatory Offer Information. Any Offer must contain the following information:
     - the price of the offered Product/Products and/or total price of an Offer (TradeTrust reserves the right to suggest the User and set/change at any time obligatory frames of      - the minimum price of the Offer and for some categories of the Products);
     - terms and conditions of the future Transaction with offered Products that the Seller sets;
     - grade and category of the Product/Products in accordance with the Grade & Category Characteristics of the TradeTrust;
     - warranty period for Product/Products;
     - packaging conditions;
     - specifications and descriptions of Product/Products, namely the technical and visual characteristics, colour, year of production, producer of the Product, period that the Product was in use, photo of the Product and other needed information, including, however not limited to, specifications and descriptions, which are required by the Grade & Category Characteristics of the TradeTrust.

Additional Offer Information. Additionally Offer may contain the following information:
     - requirements and/or suggestions concerning the way of the delivery of the Product/Products;
     - possibility of purchase of the offered Products in larger or smaller amounts, in a different color, with minor changes in characteristics;

Information about the Product. You are responsible for providing a careful, accurate and honest description of the Products being offered. You acknowledge that TradeTrust is not responsible for any description of the Products.

If You are placing an Offer for a group of Products You are not obliged to upload the photos of all Products, but You are obliged to indicate all the categories of the Products and upload information about their technical characteristics.

If You are placing an Offer for Products that can only be used with a specific software, You should indicate this in your Offer. If it is not possible to use the Product for its intended purpose without specific software, You must indicate this in the Offer and, when selling such a Product, provide the necessary software and rights to use it in accordance with the purpose of the Product, as well as all necessary access codes, passwords and other data necessary for use of the software.

Requirements for the Products' photos. The photos of the Product/Products should correspond to the following requirements:
they must represent the Product as it is - no image editing is allowed;
they must be sharp and clear;hey have to be taken by the User with the purpose of using the photos on the Platform;
they cannot be replaced with stock photos, photos from ads and watermarked images;
the photos of the group of Products should clearly represent the conditions of at least 90% of all Products of this group.

Prohibited Information and Photos. You may not publish, indicate, place in the Offer or otherwise communicate to Users, including, mentioning in the Product description or in the photos, your contact details, your company name, your location. Posting of such information is considered a violation of the Terms and your Offer and/or account may be deleted or blocked by the TradeTrust.


Order. An Order is an acceptance of the Offer of the Seller to buy the Products at the price and conditions mentioned in the Offer.

Obligation to buy. By making an Offer and accepting the information indicated in the Invoice, User accepts the obligation to buy the Product/Products indicated in the Offer on the price of the Offer, enter into Transaction under the terms indicated in the Offer and in accordance with the Terms.

Prohibited Activities

Brokering and agency practices. Any form of brokering or agency arrangements whereby a User is conducting Transactions on the Trading Floor on behalf of third parties or with the intention of selling the Products on behalf of third parties are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated by TradeTrust. If you are found to be engaging in such brokering or agency practices, you will immediately have your access to and right to use the Platform and, in particular, to the Trading Floor, terminated.

Prohibited Activities. Without limitation, you must not: (a) make Orders to the Offer where You are the Seller, or arrange for any other person to do so on your behalf; (b) independently contact Sellers or Buyers in a listing where Products are listed for sale in order to offer similar Products to them; or (c) make Orders or make Offers using a false User's ID and/or third party account.


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